Welcome to Layaway Saddles.com

Here at layawaysaddles.com our goal is to provide a great selection of saddles at every price point. Wether you are just starting out riding, or have decided that you need to step up your equipment to be more competetive in your sport, we have what you need.

We pride ourselves in knowing and personally using the products we recommend and sell. If you are unsure of which saddle is best for you, we are happy to help. Our goal is for you to confidently purchase your saddle online, without worries about fit and quality. For your guaranteed satisfaction we offer a 30 day money back (less 45.00 for shipping) trial for your saddle, whether you place the saddle on a layaway program, or purchase it outright. Layawaysaddles.com is an extension of our physical store- Rodeo Drive Tack Shop in Cheyenne, WY, and we want to treat each of our online customers as if they are standing in our store. We are not an online only mega-store, but rather a small storefront with a passion to help fellow horse owners saddle up, and ride on EXACTLY the saddle they want and need!

Because of the volume of sales and saddles available, we are not able to keep all saddles, in all sizes in-stock. We do ask that you inform us ahead of time if you will be paying the saddle off early to guarantee it in stock for immediate shipment. If we are not informed ahead of time, the saddle may take 7-10 to arrive at our wharehouse. We do strive to be as accomodating as possible in regards to availability. In most cases, saddles with custom options will not be available before 8-10 weeks.

If you are interested in trading in your current used saddle- please contact us prior to purchase!

Thank you for shopping with layawaysaddles.com, below is an overview of how the layaway program works. Each individual saddle detail page will have the layway information for that saddle.

We offer a 3 month and 6 month layaway option. The 3 month option is available on every saddle, the 6 month option is only for saddles over $1,000.00. Either layaway plan can be paid off early with no penalty.

3 or 6 month:
20% down or trade in
(6) bi-weekly payments (12) bi-weekly payments

Shipping is included and saddle is shipped upon receipt of final payment